We are now accepting applications for the Nursing and Radiography programs for the classes beginning August 2023. We are requiring the TEAS v. 7.
Applications are now opened and being accepted for the Nursing and Radiology Program  Apply Here

The Bethesda College of Health Sciences is committed to attracting, educating, and retaining qualified and compassionate healthcare professionals that will serve the South Florida community.

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Advance your career opportunities in the heart of sunny South Florida

The Bethesda College of Health Sciences is located in Boynton Beach, Florida, just south of Palm Beach. The area is known for its variety of seaside recreation activities and world-class beaches. The primary clinical training site for the program, Bethesda Hospital East is less than 10 minutes from the college campus and provides a variety of clinical hands-on learning opportunities for students.

3800 South Congress Avenue, Suite 9, Boynton Beach FL 33246

Letter from the Dean


    Jacqueline Marshall, Ph.D., RN, MSN-Ed, MPH, CNE

    It is a distinct pleasure to offer this welcome to Bethesda College of Health Sciences where I am honored to serve as the Dean. The establishment in 2011 of the Bethesda College of Health Sciences is the culmination of many hours of planning and decision-making. Undoubtedly, your decision to enter a career in health science reflects an equal amount of thought and commitment on your part. In order to assist you in becoming an outstanding health care professional, we are here to support your learning opportunities.

    • The Academic Catalog and Student Handbooks are structured resources for navigating the respective educational programs. It is critical to become familiarized with these documents and proactively use them from the first day of classes until the successful completion of your program.

      Our educational philosophy is grounded in caring and reflects confidence in students' ability to learn well at their own pace. As you read it, remember that this over-arching philosophy will underpin your training and instill in you and your practice the values reflected in our mission and upheld by the faculty and staff. Moreover, I invite you to reflect on your readiness to dedicate time and consistent effort to the rigors of this educational journey and eventual career in healthcare. Early in the program, it is essential to gain greater awareness of your learning style and educational needs so that the faculty can facilitate your progress. Bear in mind that the faculty is as committed to your success as you are and that each of you holds an equal stake in the positive outcomes of your learning experience.

      Just as Bethesda Hospital, Inc. staff maintains caring and respect for patients, the faculty and staff reflect those same values with each student interaction. The faculty is devoted to encouraging and engaging students in interactive learning opportunities that will promote the application of didactic concepts and skills to real-life clinical experiences. Intrinsically, we celebrate student diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Our highest priority is to train the next generation of radiography technologists and nurses to meet diverse population health needs.

      Our teaching modalities include varied strategies and cutting-edge technology to provide an enriched learning experience and promote the development of higher-level thinking.

      Lastly, sincerely embrace the honorable duty to provide considerate, ethical, and quality care to our most vulnerable citizens. I leave you with a quote by the famed poet Ms. Maya Angelou.

      "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

      To our success!

      Jacqueline Marshall, Ph.D., RN, MSN-Ed, MPH, CNE
      Bethesda College of Health Sciences

College Performance Data

Bethesda College of Health Sciences, as a department of Bethesda Hospital East, is licensed by the Florida Department of Education, Commission of Independent Education, to award the Associate of Science degree and by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to offer nursing and radiography programs through the academic associate's degree level. We continuously strive for excellence. Please click below to view program performance data from prior years.

Program Performance Data

2011 Founded
86% retention of graduates
85% placement rate
97% licensure after graduation

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