Baptist Health accepts request from fourth-year medical students (MS4) seeking to participate in an elective rotation. We host elective (MS4) rotations for students from LCME and COCA-accredited Medical Schools. To participate in a 4th year elective rotation at Baptist Health:

  1. Contact your prospective preceptor to gain their approval in hosting your experience.
  2. Download the Medical Student Rotation Request form found below.
  3. Complete all document requirements and return them to
  4. If approved, you will be asked to complete several credentialing and clearance documents prior to the start of your rotation.
  5. Students may not begin rotation until they receive an approval email from Baptist Health. This approval email will include information regarding badge and IT access, as needed.

Third-year clerkship rotation (MS3) opportunities are only offered to students from our Partner schools and coordinated directly between the school and Baptist Health. In addition, due to capacity constraint, we may not be able to facilitate all requests from qualified students, and priority will be given to those students from Partners schools.

Please note, if you are a current Baptist Health employee, you cannot complete an academic student rotation in the same entity in which you work.

Graduate Medical Education Department
Program Administrator Graduate Medical Education Department 786-467-2633

Eligibility Requirements

  • 4th year student in an LCME or COCA-accredited Medical Education Partner school
  • Current background check and immunizations as attested by school

Application Requirements

  • Complete the Medical Student Rotation Request form (below)
Acceptance and admission to the program is contingent on submission of all requested materials and meeting all eligibility requirements as determined by the program.

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